Dreaming of Racing Wheel-to-Wheel?

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Well think again...
Spec RX-7 Rules for 2015 (tentative)
There are no changes from 2014.
Stable rules: Another SRX7 benefit!
Go Racing NOW!
Welcome to the world of SRX7. Where the cars are closer to stock than NASCAR ever was, the competition is intense, and races take place on some of the most legendary road courses on the East Coast. All for less than the price of a used Kia.

Be Competitive NOW!
Spec RX-7 is the most cost-effective way to go door-to-door road racing. With minimal cost and preparation, you can have a competitive race car. No other class offers the high level of competition Spec RX-7 does. This is truly a driver's class. Where improving your driving skills is the key to winning... not the size of your wallet.

Spec RX-7 Email List:
This email list exists to communicate with existing Spec RX-7 drivers and help anyone interesting in racing with us. To subscribe to the Spec RX-7 email list go to: http://specrx7.com/mailman/listinfo/spec7_specrx7.com

Once you are subscribed, you can send email to the list at:
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2015 Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Series Schedule:

March 27-29Driver's School at Summit Point
April 11-12MARRS 1 at Summit Point
May 9-10MARRS 2/3 at VIR (Double)
June 6-7MARRS 4 at NJMP Lightning
June 20-21MARRS 5 at Summit Point
July 11-12MARRS 6 at Summit Point
August 8-9MARRS 7 at Pocono Raceway
September 5-7MARRS 8/9 at Summit Point (Double)
October 3-4MARRS 10 at Summit Point

2015 Race Group: SRX7, ITA, ITR, SM5, T3, T4
Turn 1 @ Summit Point during a Labor Day Double
Turn One at Summit Point Raceway
Labor Day Double Race Weekend

Take Your Skills to a Higher Level!

Not wanting to give up an inch to their competition,
several SRX7 racers test the limits of their tires'
traction. Smoke rolls as these drivers attempt to
out-brake each other at over 100 MPH at the turn-in
for this 180 degree hairpin.
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The Cars:

The rules are designed to keep all of the cars equal. With the exception of a few specified upgrades, SRX7's are mostly-stock 1981-1985 Mazda RX-7s. Unless the rules specifically say you're allowed to remove, replace, or modify something, then it must remain the way the car came from the manufacturer.

Official 2015 region rules will be posted at the WDCR region website. Until then, the PDF posted above will do.